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The shinigami are still caught in a battle against the Espada and Sosuke Aizen. But the battle to stop the formation of the kings key has called down the Shinseina as well. The sacred Shinigami.
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 Paperwork and Icecream cones...

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Sakura Hitsugaya
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PostSubject: Paperwork and Icecream cones...   Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:54 am

Although it was late spring entering into early summer. The office was cold, cold enough that frost was forming on the crystaline windows of the large pristine office of division Zero's first Captian, Yuuki Touhokuhuu. The walls of the office where painted in a light pale teal like color in such a tone it looked as if the walls were carved out of ice. Agasint this was large dark maghony bookshelves. From floor to ceiling with books and old artifacts littering the shelves. A large orient maghony desk sat before the book shelf beautiful design work carved into the wooden features, on the one side a large stack of paperwork the other everything that had been finished. Before the desk was a set of heavy dark blue velvet chairs with clawed feet. The arms large and sweeping up at the sides. Midway thru the room sat a large matching couch before a fireplace...that since his time in office had never seen any use.

The white stones of the fireplace remained pure and unsoiled by dirt or soot, because he could not, did not care for the heat. He didn't think much of summer, of the smoldering heat waves that seemed to hang heavy on the air, and made everyone moody and sleepy, wanting to lay there and sleep not doing anything else. Even his vice captian had a habit of dissappearing on him. He could give a careless at the moment where the rest of the Captians where at the moment there was no need for a captian's meeting so he could work uninterupted.

The quill moved along the paper signing off on important documents and discarding those that were not needed even as his Zanpakuto's spirit sat on the chair before him leaning back and looking relaxed.

"You know what would be good Snowe." He said purposly not calling him by his first name in order to get the others attention away from his work.

"It's Yuuki." He answered calmly pausing with the quill speaking in a soft tone as he looked at Ryukotetsu, the spirit looking highly amused and he realized that the other had been sucessful in distracting him if even for a moment from the task at hand. "And what would be good?"
"They call it Ice-cream I believe.." He mused and Yuki rose an eyebrow.
"Ice cream?" He asked dipping the quill into the inkwell before going back to writing even as he continued to hold the conversation with his Zanpakuto. "What is so important about this Ice-cream? I've never heard of it."
"Nah, suppose not." Ryukotetsu said as he stretched in the chair. "It's from the living world. You take Milk and cream and a bunch of other stuff and freeze it, getting this frozen substance which you can flavor it with all sorts of different things." He said looking at the other.

"I see." Came the soft answer.

"You know you could show a bit more interest in the converation Yuu, Or I could always go find Benishihone and tell her you're interested in..." Ryu laughed as the room dropped another twenty degrees getting even colder as now the windows where completely frosted over unable to see out of them. And if anyone walked into the room there breaths would be puffing before them. It was soo much fun getting Yuuki riled.

"Ryukotetsu..." he ground out looking at him. "You have told me what it is but not what is so grand about it.."
"It tastes good Snowe." He said smirking. "We could use some here, you know keep some in the office a personal stash to enjoy.."

"You just wish to go to the living world and blow off paperwork." Yuki grumbled and he smiled.

"Yeah true....." Ryukotetsu said smirking. "But you have to admit it would be fun Snowe." He said lightly and Yuki sighed going back to work. Right now Ryo was out and that meant so was Benishihone so he could finish his work in peace.
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Paperwork and Icecream cones...
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