Bleach continues~ Shinseina

The shinigami are still caught in a battle against the Espada and Sosuke Aizen. But the battle to stop the formation of the kings key has called down the Shinseina as well. The sacred Shinigami.
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 The Orginazation.

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PostSubject: The Orginazation.   Wed Jan 06, 2010 9:53 am

Overview: The Orginazation

Run by one known solely as the 'One' he has found out about the Shinigami, about the Viazards and Bount and all of the supernatural things in the world. It is rummored that he can see them and instead of being intruged by them he was outraged by them. Finding a way to gather there high spirit density, there essence and combining different elements together, he needed a way to stablize them. The source of that stablization? Infusing it into the very human race. After all they would be the instrument in which the earth was cleansed and purified of the supernatural evils that ran about it. He created the first batch numbered by there order of birth by single numbers up to 10, and the the second bearing a number one before the indicating number of birth all the way up to ten groups. But his attempts didn't all go as planned for among them there were those who once the powers where forced on them went there own way. Although they didn't all see eye to eye the one thing they could agree on was that the Shinigami wheren't all evil and didn't deserve to be whipped out of existance. In essence they didn't want a war.

The Division of Forces

Zero as that was his name according to the Origanzation his erased when they changed him, didn't agree with the way things where being down by the 'One' and escaped by during his escape others with like minds esaped with him. Together they formed the rebillion but quickly discovered that Soul Society was not happy with there existance since they combined elements of the Spiritual realm into there very beinging the most dangerous of them all being that they and there Zanpakuto for those that were fused with Shinigami essence. When they unleash there Zanpakuto which is not a sword at there side but a metal marking somewhere on there body, there apperance changes to that of the spirit of the Zanpkauto and they can use the powers.

The Rebels.

Zero leading the group of rebels in Karakura Town is doing his best to protect those around him as well as reach the plead with the Soul Society to allow those who wish to live in peace even though they were forced to evolve. But the Soul Societies concern is that they may turn out to be like the Bount. And that may prove to be far to dangerous to allow to continue thus they live in hiding and at a stalemate with the Soul Society. Not wanting to hurt the Shinigami nor do they want to be killed by them either.

The Types:

Shinishiro~ So named because they are fused primarily with the Shinigami, hollow and Quincy essence.

Que~ Primarily fused with Quincy, Awakened and Bount they tend to be a bit vampirish.

Lan~ So called because the scientists didn't know how else to name them. Fused with Bount, howllow and Shinigami the tend to be a little crazy and 'blood' hungry.

Es`~ Hollow, bount and Quincy they are the only other combination tried...and this is where they stopped for once they made the hollow nature the dominate of the three mixed.....they discoverd the fatal flaw, the hunger that consumed them...hunger for living souls.
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The Orginazation.
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