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The shinigami are still caught in a battle against the Espada and Sosuke Aizen. But the battle to stop the formation of the kings key has called down the Shinseina as well. The sacred Shinigami.
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 1st Squad Captian Yuki Touhokuhuu

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PostSubject: 1st Squad Captian Yuki Touhokuhuu   Fri Jan 01, 2010 5:47 am

Basic Character Information:

Name: Yuki Touhokuhuu
-Nickname/Titles: Captian Touhokuhuu, Yuu, Yuu-chan, Yuu-kun, Snowe
Age: [Apparent Age19, Real Age 4,000]
Gender: Male
Rank: Division 0, 1st Captian

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 220lbs
Eye Color: Pale silvery gray
Hair: Silver
Cloths: A solid white Shihakushou with long flowing sleeves and billowing pants. He wears a necklace with a opal tear drop around his neck. The Hoari is solid black and sleevelss.The length stops just above his ankles. Along the bottom edge are elptical ovals with small round spheres between them in white. On the back of his hoari between his shoulder blades is the image of an Edelweiss with the symbol for 1 below it and above it the symbol for zero. On his left shoulder like all others in the Zero Division the Shinseina is the Palmeriva. Around his neck is seen a shimmering white scarf, loosely wrapped and drapping down. He wears the scarf wither he is in Shihakushou or normal clothes. The scarf is made of halisblossom a rare silk in the Soul Society and is worth a fortune. Unlike most others of the Royal Gaurd Yuki will travel the earth in a human form and in normal human clothes except he'll wear the Halisblossom scarf around his neck even then.

(In the back is Yuki in civillian clothes, in the front is the manifestation of his Zanpkakuto Ryukotetsu.)

Personality: Charming and charmismatic Yuki often earns the love and devotion of his squad. He's a caring person, and although he is in charge of the Zero Division which by all rights puts him in direct line of fire more often then not he doesn't mind. He's the sort who will take a fatal blow for his team and keep going rather then see that blow be delievered unto them. He can't stand to see a girl cry and gets along well with most people. There are even those among his enemies who would rather sit down and have a cup of tea with him rather then fight him to the death. But despite his calm nature one of the few things that will annoy him to no end is the use of 'Yu-chan.'

Skill Information:

Skill Specialty: Zanjutsu (The cutting technique) (Sword Master)
Sub Specialty: Hakudo/Hoho
Sub Specialty: Kido
Elemental Affinity: Ice and Darkness
Special Characteristics: Cooking, deserts, flower arrananging, reading and well as unraviled at speed and grace. Yuki is a genuis, but is also extremely laid back. He the sort to master whatever he sets his mind to. And possess a photographic memory which at times can be a benefit and a disadvantage.






Kido, Hado~


Unknown Spells:
Name: Kyōmon (鏡門, Mirror Door)
State: all
Rank: 10
Type: Unknown
Effect: . It creates a glass-like barrier which is difficult to break from the outside, but quite simple to break from the inside.

Name: Healing Arts:
State: All
Rank: 6
Type: Kido Healing
Effect: Healing the persons reiatsu and then working with it, Yuki can heal a person as well as preform transfers of Reiatsu from one to another to save a life. Trained in the art of healing.

Weapons and Items:
These are Items such as Hell Butterfly or Kido Items.

Name: Hell Butterfly
Rank: A
Appearance: A small delicate black butterfly that has amythest accents on the wings.
Special Abilities: The butterfly is specially bred to allow for communication between shinigami and travel back and forth between the worlds.

Name: Soul Pager
Rank: A
Appearance: Appears as if it where a nomal cell phone.
Special Abilities: Not only does it function as a normal cell phone in the mortal realm it also serves to alert him to any hollow/arrancar/espada/and bount arrivals on the Mortal world as well as a communication device between the worlds.

Name: Healing Balm
Rank: A
Appearance: A small silver like container that he carries on him.
Effect: It is a power all natural bonding agent that is used to stop bleeding and seal up injures brought about by battle.

History: At least 2 Paragraphs.

Human Arc: Born the youngest of four brothers to Kira and Taki Touhokuu. Yuki was always ignored in the time that he was alive he was the youngest son of a noble family. The family held high enough standing that his brothers and he were expected to do great things. Learning everything from swordmanship to the finer arts to make sure that he was well rounded. His eldest brother got caught up in a war, battling against foes in a far off land and Although the family waited with baited breath they heard nothing eventually as time passed each of his brothers went off either getting married or getting caught up in a war for the Emperor of the time. Yuki however was not recurited to war, instead he was asked to live at the royal palace when the Emperor started having strange occurances happening around the palace. They called in Miko's and Monks alike and could not dispell or find the source of the problem. It was when he and his father were called there to escort the Emperor across country that Yuki's secert came out. He could see the spirits that had passed on. See them and the broken chains of fate that still dangled from there chests.
While he could not send them on he did speak with them and helped them find the peace they were looking for, or helped them do that last task that refused to let them leave this world and travel on to the next. By the time he was in his late teens came down with an illness that plagued the lands and Yuki was caught up in it. As the days went by he progressivelly got sicker and sicker until there was nothing that the doctors knew to do to help him any more. Yuki at the age of 19 died. Leaving behind his family and loved ones.

Soul Society/Hollow Arc:When he first arrived in Soul Society he was lost and confused. The city looked like the poorer areas on Earth where he was from. His memories where threatening to fade of earth, and although he could do nothing to stop it he didn't mourn there loss believing that he had always been a dissappointment to his family. Yuki traveled thru the towns watching the others move about and helping those he could.Quite skilled with a sword he cut down the odd monsters that seemed to appear here as well as on earth. A bit surprised that the afterlife was not more peaceful then the living world had been. Wither it was carrying something for an older spirit or helping children who needed a place to eat and sleep for the night he did all he could. So much so that he came to the attention of one of the Shinigami of that time. At that time there was no soul academy to learn from so he was following a Shinigami Master. This master started teaching him how to summon his Zanpakuto, how to feel and hear it. Impressed with the incredibly high level of Reiatsu that Yuki possessed. He learned quickly what his Sensei had to teach him, learning how to call and bring out Ryuu, his Zanpakuto. And for the next several years spanning out for a total of 1050 having mastered Shi-kai as well as the beginning of Kido

Yuki made his way back to the Seireitei with the shinigami who was teaching him and discovered the thirteen court squads. And that his Sensei was one of the captians of the time. Captian of the 4 squad. Not only could he use kido to attack he could also heal with it. Yuki spent his time learning and training with the Captian as well as learning quickly how the squad worked. For the next century he learned and studied all that the captian wished to teach him, moving up the ranks and seats until he was third seat in the fourth squad. . As the current Head-Captian retired and appointed a new one. Who was a stickler for the rules and built the Soul Academy. By this time he had worked his way over the years up in rank, thru hard work and dedication. Each year that passed he didn't regret his choice to follow this captian and start along his way becoming a Shinigami. Two thousand years old he was now at the rank of Vice-captian to Squad six, when the postion had opened up. The Captian of Squad four volunteered him for the postion. The head of Squad Six agreed and accepted him as Vice-Captian. . No one thought anything of it, not even Yuki. He had master two stages of his Shi-kai and with time it was believed that he would have the talent to even handle Ban-kai. They continued to take down hollows and keep the peace between the Soul Society and the living world. 250 years later he had gained the first release of his ban-kai and before it had reached 500 years of service as a Vice-Captian he had reached second release of his bankai, but also the rummors of the Shinigami Rebllion began to take shape and the flames of war began to show themsleves.
Shinigami Rebillion~Yuki continued to train and push himself on the training grounds, to the point of exhaustion and further. He had never felt like he was doing anything meaningful in life, so he intended to make sure that his life in Soul Society held meaning. He could not remember clearly his life when he was alive, but he did have a feeling of what had happened.Because of the dire circumstances with half of the Shinigami out there rebelling Yuki was given a squad labeled As Advanced Squad 14, he was made captian and sent out to find any outlaying branches of the resitance that may be setting up to attack the Seireitei. To find any outside encampments.

Yuki lead his squad out, to the furthest reaches of the Soul Society, tracking down rebel cells and taking them out but each unit took time to find and take down. He didn't want to kill them, it went against everything he believed in, but he had been given an order. The rebel Shinigami were attacking Soul Society trying to upset a delicate balance. His trek took his unit further and further out over the years and each Rebel Cell he found took time to break apart and put a stop to. As the Shinigami that where there each had there own differences in power and some going so far as Captian level. Between taking down the rebel Cells fighting off the rouge Shinigami and stopping any further attacks from happening he was unaware that as far as the Seireitei was concerned due to reports that his squad had taken heavy losses he was counted among the dead.
Upon arriving at the furthest outreaches he found the master mind behind the rebellion at that time it was him, his vice captian and three others. The fighting was fierce, the numbers where against them. The first to fall was his fifth seat, the battle had been feirce but too to his nature his fifth seat had taken out the man he had been fighting. Next was his fourth followed by this third. In the end it left just himself and his Vice-captian. Squad fourteen which had started out strong was now down to just them. At that time he had begun to wonder if this had been some sort of set up to remove them. The fighting to get his far out had taken so long with only one squad that it he was nearly 3000 years old. Unaware of all that was going on out there he was now dealing with it just being himself and his Vice-Captian. a brash and headstrong young man rushed ahead of him. Ignoring Yuki's order to wait and attacked the Rebel leader. Yuki had tried to intervene to save his subbordante even took a painful blow but it was too late. With his side torn open he now had to face this man alone. His Vice-captian no longer alive and the last of Squad 14.

Yuki fought him, unleashing his Shi-kai in first and second release, as well as using every technique he knew. To no avail for the other unleashed his bankai. Yuki had to answer in kind. His Zanpakuto Ryukotetsu fought beside him a more feirce and fatal warrior then him at the moment because he was hurt. Both unleashing there powers. With the battle over Yuki left the ruins of the base and headed out towards the center of the Soul Society where the Seireitei was.
He didn't get far. The wounds from his battle with the rebel leader caused him to collaspse in the empty ruined battle fields that had once been a rebel base. Spending several weeks catatonic he awoke in a small hut. The small family that lived there had found him and patched him up. He spent time there healing his wounds and regaining his strength, Unaware of the new dangers that where plaguing Soul Society he was so far away from everything. As the years passed and his strength restored slowly. He wasn't sure why it was such a slow process but as days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years he had no choice but to leave and head back to Soul Society. Dressed in his Shinigami robes and a new silken white scarf. As well as a long tan colored cloak worn over his clothes hood pulled up with a second heavier metal laced shawl over his shoulders bearing an old crest he didn't know. Just a random trinket that they had found. It held no meaning to them. Now 2000 years old he began making his way back across the Soul Society, alone and heavy hearted.

Yuki made his way back to Soul Societies center, back towards the Seireitei, the years had not eased the pain of losing his whole Squad against insane numbers, the reinforcements that he was told would come as soon as they had enough strong candidates never showed. Walking back he found things in utter choas and now had a pretty good feeling he knew why. Ryuu against his back and his heart sinking he could not help but wonder how much of the Seireitei, how much of the Shinigami, how much of anything he left behind so long ago was still left intact. He was captian of a destoried squad, coming home to a place in ruins and had a sinking feeling that no one would know him. Would know of his mission, he didn't know how many of them where still alive, if any from the time he left. His trek back had him fighting against hollow as he traveled as well as coming across reistance and rebel's. But things were vastly different then when he left. He made his way slowly back to the Seireitei helping those he came across outside of the man city. And learning all that he could about what had happened during his long absence. His trek had finnally made it's way to the Seireitei, where he has to pick up the shattered reminants and figure out what is going on. Even if the fourteen is no longer around he's returning to give whatever help he can.....once he can figure out where that help is needed. Upon his return he was called before the Central 46, the royal family was aware of his service and knew all that he had done. Removing him from Captian of division 14 which had been created for the sole purpose of stopping the rebellion and sent him to part of Division 0, 1st Captian. It was quiet the honor.
Years passed since he had spoken to any of his friends now around 400 years old he has been released back into the Soul Society to track down what is going on....

Bount Arc: Like the others he recieved information concerning the bount and although he wished to help deal with them at the time he was told to let the Seireitei handle them. The Bount being a variation of the Shinigami of the Seireitei to begin with it was there mess to clean up. On the other hand he was to take his team and investgate Hueco Mundeo and find out what was going on there and report back. Much to his anger and frustration a few new recurits who didn't listen to him died in the process. He was however pleased to learn that the Seireitei Shinigami with the help of a Substitute Soul reaper and his friends had mananged to stop the bount. Although the damage to the Seireitei had him a bit concerned.

Viazard Arc: As the Arrancar and Vizard's are now showing up it's all he can do to keep his cool. In the beginning once agian they were told to hold there ground. That is until word was recieved that Aizen's goal was to destory the human city of Karakura Town and create the 'Kings key'. The key that would allow him to access the Seireitei. Enma not happy about the arrogance of Aizen dispatchedYuki to deal with Aizen and aid in the fight against the Arrancar and Espada.

RP Sample:He stood there as the wind played with his long silvery hair and closed his eyes. Earth, this was the lustorous planet that he knew he had once walked on. And yet he couldn't help but feel like it was vastly different then it was then. Although he could not remember his life or time on Earth he knew this world didn't feel the same to him. And it shouldn't he knew that. 720 years was a long time to be dead and that was what he was. A soul gifted with power and meant to protect all life. But it was the Arrancar and the Vizard that had him troubled. There radical plans to create another kings key was horrifying.

Enma didn't need such cruel cold methods to create the key. But Aizen would, and the problem was all of those souls that would be killed needlessly for the realiztion of his dark designs. He stood there and closed his eyes shaking his head as he reached up and rested his hand against Ryukotetsu. The Zanpakuto hummed at his back wishing to be drawn to deal with any danger. It was said that Ryukotetsu was an angry and powerful sword. A sword that wished to cause nothing but mass distruction. That wasn't true. Ryukotetsu hated with a passion injustice. Hated those would harm unnessary pain to another and hated having to wait to deal with them. The dragon blade wanted nothing more then to be drawn and take care of the problem, rush in alone and handle it.

But he knew better. Knew he had to be patient. For one there was the two substitutes in town and the other was hasty actions would draw the Oni's from there sleeping places in the soils of this world and make them surface. No to be on the safe side he had to error on the side of caution. While Ryukotetsu just wished to tear them all apart and be done with it. But they both agreed even if they had had there differences that the darkness had to be stopped. For the sake of the living world Aizen could not be allowed to see his plans forefilled..
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1st Squad Captian Yuki Touhokuhuu
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