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The shinigami are still caught in a battle against the Espada and Sosuke Aizen. But the battle to stop the formation of the kings key has called down the Shinseina as well. The sacred Shinigami.
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 The Ginto of the Quincy

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PostSubject: The Ginto of the Quincy   Thu Dec 31, 2009 4:47 am

The following is a list of known gintou:

Kraft - Gintou 1:

~Kraft-type gintou are activated by scratching the tube along a rough surface as one might ignite a match. They turn a bright white when activated. When they touch a surface other than the activator's body, they exert a moderate force on that surface. For example, using a Kraft-type gintou on a cardboard box would send the box flying forty feet forwards. On foes such as shinigami and weak hollows, the gintou usually pushes them back around ten feet.

Bocker - Gintou 2:

~A Bocker gintou will activate when the Quincy crushes the tube in their hand or on any surface. As soon as the tube is crushed it will immediately start to leak a black smoke. The black smoke will turn into a smoke screen for the Quincy to escape or deceive his prey/aggressor. The smoke screen takes up a 10 yard diameter around the crushed tube.

Feuer – Gintou 3:

~Feuer gintou are activated by the user rubbing it against the palm of their hand. When the gintou is armed, it turns a bright red. Touching the gintou to an object with less reiatsu than the user will set that particular object on fire. This fire is like any other fire in the living world; it can be extinguished and so forth.

Gezeiten - Gintou 5:

~Gezeiten-type ginto are used by rubbing the top of the tube against one's palm until the top takes on a bright blue glow. Then, the user aims the tube at the target and a stream of medium-pressure water issues from the tube. The water in of itself will only cause minor bruises, if that; however, it can put out fires, reduce traction in an area, and in cold regions, be used to form small, weak ice barriers.

Schraubbolzen - Gintou 14:

~Schraubbolzen-type ginto are commonly used by Quincy due to their effectiveness and ease of use. They are activated in exactly the same way Gezeiten-type ginto are: by rubbing the top across one's palm. When the top takes on a pale yellow glow, the user aims the top towards the target and a small bolt of lightning issues forth. Though the bolt is small in size and doesn't do much damage from long-range distances, when used at close range it can carve a well-sized hole in the target. (Note: The ginto's effect is pretty much the same as Hado #4: White Lightning.)

Honig - Gintou 18

~Honig-type ginto are used by rubbing the tube on a mild external wound. The tube in turn secretes a honey-like liquid which acts as a bandage over the wound. However, the ginto does not work on internal wounds, and its effects are next to useless on moderate to large external wounds.

Nachahmer – Gintou 25

~Nachahmer-type gintou are most commonly used by Quincy for missions that require stealth or impersonation. They are activated by crushing the tube in between one’s palms, and upon activation the fragments of the tube will turn a dull blue. Activated Nachahmer-type gintou create a moderately strong reiatsu field from the crushed fragments, a field that persists for around ten minutes, or on average, two turns. During this time, the fragments can be arranged into two specific positions, which alter the nature of the field. When the fragments are arranged into a cross shape, the reiatsu field resembles that of a shinigami’s; but when the fragments are arranged in a circle, the field resembles that of a hollow’s. The user cannot use the field for any other purpose than to act as a decoy, and it is only from considerable distances that the field cannot be distinguished from that of the being which it has been set to mimic.

Dealbo - Gintou 30

~The caster must know the location of their target in order to use this gintou. The Quincy pours the contents of a silver tube across their eyebrows, allowing it to drip down over their eyes while concentrating on the intended target's reiatsu. Once the Quincy opens their eyes, the world between him and his target is washed out: visible only to him, a white crucifix covers the world in front of him, centered on his enemy. To the caster, all cover, obstructions, and defenses will disappear. This state lasts for only one turn, but any arrow fired within that white space will ignore all cover in front of the enemy. Living beings may still get in the way. Only usable once per battle.

Schrei – Gintou 32:

~Schrei-type gintou are commonly used by Quincy on reconnaissance and retrieval task forces, and they are activated by cracking the tube in half and then pointing the remaining section of the tube at the target. The tube in the user’s hand, and the discarded section then proceed to dissipate into miniscule reiatsu fragments. These fragments then arrange themselves slowly in a circular fashion around the target, and begin to vibrate. This produces a high-pitched frequency that can incapacitate a low-level enemy or disable unsophisticated machinery for a moderate period of time.

Dreizack - Gintou 36:

~Dreizack-type gintou are activated by breaking the tube into three sections, and placing the broken sections on a flat surface, such as the palm of one’s hand. When this process is complete, the fragments will glow white and transform into dagger-like objects. These daggers will launch themselves at the fastest, nearest moving object, and though they are not particularly damaging, these daggers move at high speed.

Gefängnis - Gintou 38 :

~Gefängnis gintou are activated simply by flicking the tip of the silver tube and tossing it at a certain enemy or object. When the gintou comes in contact with something solid, a blue transparent sphere with a radius of ten feet radius forms. Only the caster may pass through this barrier unhindered, but others will have to destroy it with soul-based weapons before they may trespass.The effects of the gintou last for two turns.

Vorhersage – Gintou 45:

~Vorhersage-type gintou are mostly used by Quincy scouts and battalions during times of war, though they are used in peacetime for security and surveillance purposes. This type of gintou is activated by placing the tube upon a flat, smooth surface and then spinning the tube in a circular motion. Upon doing so, the tube turns a bright purple, and an invisible, weak reiatsu field is released. This field allows all Quincy within the field to use the base tech, “Reiatsu Noukan” with greater effectiveness. To put in bluntly, their skill in this tech is essentially upped to the next class. For example, if a certain Quincy had a Class D Reiatsu Noukan, under the effects of the Vorhersage field they would instead have a Class C Reiatsu Noukan.

Lichtstrahl – Gintou 50:

~Lichtstrahl-type gintou are one of the more commonly used silver tubes, and they are activated by placing one’s index finger to the top of the tube and holding it there until the top glows a bright yellow. At this point, the user releases their index finger and a three-foot, bright yellow beam of condensed reiatsu emerges from tip of the tube. The user can then wield the tube in much the same way you would use a sword, with the condensed reiatsu beam as the blade and the tube as the handle. Though this gintou can be effective in close-combat, as the condensed-reiatsu blade is actually stronger than that of an unreleased zanpakutou, the tube only remains active for two minutes, and against shikai or bankai-level abilities and weapons, it cannot do much.

Unterkiefer - Gintou 56:

Unterkiefer-type ginto are used by physically forcing the target to swallow the tube whole. Because of this, they are not used often by the Quincy. Once the target swallows the tube, the bones in their mouth and jaw area fuse together for a moderate period of time. For the duration of this period, the target cannot speak, breathe through the mouth, or use any abilities associated with the mouth or jaw.

Traum - Gintou 57:

Traum-type gintou are activated by placing the tube to the opponent's forehead, at which point the tube will turn a dull shade of purple. The gintou works by altering the opponent's vision, causing discomfort and nausea in the process. Double vision, black spots, and lack of color perception all result from the Traum-type gintou, and as such, the enemy's accuracy is greatly reduced. The effects last for five turns.

Ziege - Gintou 64:

Ziege-type ginto are used by smashing the tube into the user's forehead. When the tube is activated in this manner, a thin grey bubbly mass emits from the remains of the tube and forms a moderately durable helmet around the user's head. The helmet will withstand one medium-level (shikai-level, roughly) attack from an enemy to the head, and then crumble.

Aufstand - Gintou 65

~Rebellion-type Gintou are a recent invention created using other offensive Gintou combined with research on a shinigami's zanpakutou. Rebellion causes a shinigami/arrancar/vizard's zanpakutou to have a detrimental effect on its owner. When cast on an unreleased zanpakutou, Rebellion forces the zanpakutou to cause a painful migraine if the shinigami touches or attempts to commune with his zanpakutou. The effect lasts for two turns, and cannot be performed on a released zanpakutou.

Jagdhund – Gintou 66

~Jagdhund-type gintou are not often used by Quincy, but nevertheless, their wide application in battle makes them formidable. This particular make is activated by whistling when the tube is held up to one’s mouth, and then throwing the tube towards the ground in front of the enemy. Upon activation, the tube should turn a bright blue. When the gintou comes in contact with the ground, it spawns a large, dark blue dog with yellow eyes. This animal has a spiritual pressure of around 1000, and can do some minimal damage to the enemy. (Minimal damage here means a moderately large bite or scratch.) However, it cannot readily distinguish between friend and foe, and the only thing it won’t attack is the gintou caster. The dog disappears after three turns.

Blumenblatt - Gintou 82

~Blumenbatt-type ginto are used by burying the tube in natural-formed soil. After the tube is fully immersed in the ground, a gigantic wall of vines sprouts out and forms a barrier around the user. Though one wall alone will not stop anything equal to or above a bankai-level attack, layered walls can be an incredibly effective defense and trap the enemy. Of course, the wall is of no use against spiritual beings with fire-esque powers.

Durchführung – Gintou 95:

~Durchführung gintou are not widely used among the Quincy, due to the level of expertise required to master them, but nevertheless they are one of the most powerful gintou types ever created. The gintou is activated by holding the gintou up to one’s neck, right above where the Adam’s apple is located. When the gintou is armed, it takes on a faint, silvery shade. The gintou then splits into two pieces. The user then should place the two gintou on the ground (no more than 100 feet apart), and recite the phrase “Gemetzel” three times. Doing so will cause two steel poles around 150 feet in height to spring up from the ground. A transparent rectangular blade will then appear between the two poles, turning the two poles into a giant, grey guillotine. Reciting the phrase “Gemetzel” once more will cause the blade to swing down at more than 300 miles per hour. The strength of the blade depends on the user - opponents with less than double the reiatsu of the user cannot block the gintou.
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The Ginto of the Quincy
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