Bleach continues~ Shinseina

The shinigami are still caught in a battle against the Espada and Sosuke Aizen. But the battle to stop the formation of the kings key has called down the Shinseina as well. The sacred Shinigami.
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 Espada to Arrancar

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Sakura Hitsugaya
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PostSubject: Espada to Arrancar   Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:02 pm

Espada 0~ The most powerful of the Espada
Espada 1~ The second most powerful
Espada 2
Espada 3
Espada 4
Espada 5
Espada 6
Espada 7
Espada 8
Espada 9
Espada 10
**Note, These 11 Espada are not ranked according to birth but according to power. They are the 11 most poweful of the Espada, 0 being the most powerful and going down.
Espada 11~20
They are ranked according to birth not according to power. Fight them at your own risk.

Arrancar~ They are ranked below the 21 Espada not powerful to hold the title of Espada but far more powerful then an Menos. Nor do they for that matter hold a number or have one branded on there body.
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Espada to Arrancar
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