Bleach continues~ Shinseina

The shinigami are still caught in a battle against the Espada and Sosuke Aizen. But the battle to stop the formation of the kings key has called down the Shinseina as well. The sacred Shinigami.
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PostSubject: Ryukotetsu   Sat Dec 26, 2009 12:39 am

Zanpakuto Name: Ryuu (Dragon)
Sealed Rank: 10
Sealed Apperance: A large black blade, as tall as Yuki. There is no hand gaurd, and the blade itself is wrapped in black silk. The handle sits in the middle of the blade. Despite it's large size the sword is easy for him to swing around, over his right shoulder and down to his left him is a spiked chain that holds his zanpakuto. The chain is black.

Shi-kai 1st Release Command: Sakukirihanasu, Ryuu (Tear Asunder, Ryuu)
Shi-kai Rank:9
Shi-kai blade appearance:the same, his sword always in it's open state.
Shi-kai Attack Appearance: Swings sword around and it seems to dissappear, before long arches of wind blades start striking the enemy from every direction. The wind holds a black twinge to it.

Shi-kai 2nd Release Command: Gekitaisuru karerao igo ni hikari, Ryuu.(Drive them from the light, Ryuu)
Shi-kai Rank: 10
Shi-kai Attack Appearance: (*note blade does not change*)Hurricane force winds arise around himself and his enemy, blowing around his robes and long hair. He lets go of Ryukotetsu which seems like the large sword is about to fall towards the ground but instead becomes a bolt of black light, that pierces the enemy flying with the speed and power of the winds that where whipping around them.

Zanpakuto's True Name: Ryukotetsu
Ban-kai 1st Release Command:Hikousuru, Ryukotetsu (Take to the air, Ryukotetsu)
Ban-kai Rank:12
Ban-kai Blade Apperance: The large black black becomes insanely long and slender, narrow with a incredibly detailed hand gaurd. Bands of metal wrap back around his hand swirling over it in such a way it doesn't look like his hand should be able to be in there. In truth the metal forms around his hand and moves so that he has full range of movement. Off of the back of the solid black blade is a long thin ribbon, on the end of the ribbon is a metal peice in the form of a diamond. Dangerous deadly and as much a weapon as is the sword which is one and a half times his size.
Ban-kai Attack Apperance: His speed, agility and grace intensifies, the Ban-kai's attacks themselves are his shi-kai attacks used again but at the power level of 12, as if they were orginally Ban-kai. His speed is accented to the point that he can dodge and not look like he moved at all.
Ban-kai physical change (if it applies): None.

Ban-kai 2nd Release Command (Full Release): Mieru, Ryukotetsu. (Be visible, Ryukotetsu)
Ban-kai Rank: 15
Ban-kai Attack Apperance: Yuki's sword does not change, however Ryukotetsu appears kneeling infront of him holding the same exact sword. Both can use the pervious Shi-kai and move in complete harmony as if they were one person two places. In addition the Shi-kai moves now hold the power level of rank 15, the highest they can go....because his Zanpakuto's spirit is there fighting with beside him.

Zanpakuto Soul Apperance: Short spikey wild black hair, and pale silvery gray eyes. He dress's in a tight shirt with a black long jacket hung open. Three cords around his neck and a necklace with a black cross hanging down. Tight black jeans and boots.

(Yuki is in the back in street clothes and Ryukotetsu is before him, in normal attire.)
Zanpakuto's Spiritual Realm: (This is your inner souls reflection.) A wild dark city, the sky always caught up in night fall starless and moonless. Buildings dark and ragid looking. When he first arrives Ryuu is usually standing on a large wooden pole arms crossed and showing his profile before turning his head and looking down. He then jumps down and is front of Yuki.
Zanpakuto's Persona: Dark, dangerous and cruel. Ryuu will crush anyone who is in his way. He is the exact opposite of Yuki. Where Yuki is calm cool and collected. Ryuu is spontaneous dark and dangerous. He will fight anyone who gets in his way. Although he doesn't seem like it he likes Yuki. Yuki's calm amuses him to no end and so he'll work with him.
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