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The shinigami are still caught in a battle against the Espada and Sosuke Aizen. But the battle to stop the formation of the kings key has called down the Shinseina as well. The sacred Shinigami.
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 Shi-kai Ranks

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PostSubject: Shi-kai Ranks   Fri Dec 25, 2009 10:48 am

**Note this is NOT the same as Zanpakuto level. A Zanpakuto's level is in it's closed state, and represents the strength of the weilder and Zanpakuto's link, the Shi-kai represents the amount of trust and workmanship between the Zanpakuto and Shinigami.

Level 1 Shi-kai: A very very weak Shi-kai, it's attack power is almost not even there.

Level 2 Shi-kai: Still a very weak attack, usually more of a defensive then offensive.

Level 3: Slightly stronger defensive but still does not yeild well to offensive.

Level 4: Powerful enough to make a person take there knee.

Level 5: the midway point. Strong enough to leave an impression on a person.

Level 6: Stronger then the begining it's power is enough to defend and yeild well to offensive attacks.

Level 7: Strong defensive and offensive capabilities.

Level 8: Has enough stomping power to make a person sweat.

Level 9: A strong Zanpakuto usually in 4 or 5 seat but there are some exceptions.

Level 10: The strongest of the shi-kai allows for offensive and defensive, as well as the level of Shi-kai release needed to eventually gain ban-kai. [u]
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Shi-kai Ranks
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