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The shinigami are still caught in a battle against the Espada and Sosuke Aizen. But the battle to stop the formation of the kings key has called down the Shinseina as well. The sacred Shinigami.
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 Sakura Hitsugaya Substitue Shinseina Shinigami

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Sakura Hitsugaya
Sakura Hitsugaya

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PostSubject: Sakura Hitsugaya Substitue Shinseina Shinigami   Fri Dec 25, 2009 1:04 am

Name: Sakura Hitsugaya
Nickname: None
Age: Apparent Age, 15 Real Age 15
Gender: female
Rank: Substitue Shinseina Shinigami
Height: 5'6
Weight: 125lbs
Eye Color: light teal
Hair: silvery white, short at the back of the head and angling down past her chin. Long whisps infront of her ears hang down to her waist.

Cloths: White kimono and hamaka with red under kimono. Red shash around her waist. A long plain golden haori down to her ankles, at the hem line are thin white elgonated diamonds and between those are small round circle. In her hair are clips given to her by her Uncle, four small crystaline cherry blossoms that hang down with a series of three pale blue beads between each set. Around her neck is a necklace with a similiar cherry blossom hanging down. The sash around her waist is tied in the back with a large bow. The same deep cherry red as her under kimono.

Personality: Quiet and soft spoken Sakura tries to not trouble anyone. A very responsible and upstanding young lady she tries to make her father proud of her.. The neice of Toushirou Hitsugaya, she lives on earth in Karakura town acting as a substitue soul Reaper trying her best to keep all hollows from attacking humans. Sakura often keeps to herself and tries to make sure that she doesn't cause anyone problems, although she can be a handful at times as she's known to follow her heart. Which can get her into trouble, more then she'd like to admit. Sakura's biggest flaw is despite the fact that she normally keeps to herself if she see's someone in danger or in need of help she will help them. She can't turn her back on someone in need no matter who they are. Sakura has a rather nasty secert to her. At some point she realized that she's anthestic to killing. She feels nothing when she takes down a hollow, or any other enemy no matter who they are and has always felt that way since childhood. That lack of emotion towards her enemies as yeilded to her a unique sword fighting technique called Tenken and it's master form known as the Shukugi.

Hollow Mask.
Becasue of their Hollowfacation, Vizards are able to tap into Hollow-like Powers, if only for a short while.

Appearance: Snow white mask, with pale icy blue accents over the left eye and down the face, the mouth is closed, not showing off the teeth of the mask, off the sides going back are long delicate bone like structures, with a thin bone like material on the inside looking like a dragon's ears going back. Her eyes which can be seen thru the mask, the whites of her eyes turn black, and the teal of her eyes goes to a liquid silvery white.
Power: Increases her speed and agility.
Strength:Boosts her Souten Ni Zase and Ten Kara Oriru making them more dangerous.
Weakness: Weak against Fire.
Time Limit: (Time Limit: [1 post = 10 seconds; unless stated otherwise in some manner](exsapmple, some event takes place that would take longer than 10 seconds, or the location changes, ect ect ect) Because she was born with it she can hold it for 55 minutes(?) tops or until the mask is broken which ever comes first.

Viazard Powers:
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Spiritual Power
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Strength

Cero: Vizard gain access to certain Hollow abilities, such as the Cero blast; However, only Shinji, Hiyori and Mashiro have been seen using it.

Power Augmentation: With the acquisition of the mask through the subjugation of one's inner Hollow, Vizard gain access to an additional and separate source of power - aside from the Shinigami powers they already possess - Hollow powers. The accumulation of both powers greatly augments their powers beyond what a Shinigami and/or Hollow alone would be capable of.

Mask Protection: Body damage can seemingly be ignored while wearing their masks, as demonstrated by Ichigo's Hollow during his unwilling transformations.

Reiryoku Enhancement: Vizard have dual spiritual power of both Shinigami and Hollow, which enhances their abilities.

Telekinesis: Vizard apparently hold varying degrees of telekinesis; For example, Ichigo, in his new Hollowfied form, has employed this ability to call forth his Zanpakutō with a mere flick of the wrist.

Zanpkatu: Zakurakadoguchi.
Weapon Style: Twin bladed fans.
Sealed level: None, never sealed.
True Name: Kurogane Zakurakadoguchi
Forgotten Name: Orihalgomai Excaliber.

Ten Kara Oriru Zakurakadoguchi, Chire. (Fall from the heavens Zakurakadoguchi, Shatter.)
Weapon Style: Twin Bladed Fans.
Weapon Level: 5
Attack: Sakura dances with the bladed fans alternating between her hands and flying about by the chains attatched to her wrists. As they fly vines of ice form in the air and surround the enemy. Cherry blossom petals fall from the sky. Upon the command 'Shatter' The petals become frenzied and swirl around the enemy like thousands of tiny blades cutting into them, the ice vines also shatter inwards toward the enemy slicing into them and freezing whatever they hit.

Souten Ni Zase, Zakurakadoguchi (Reign upon the frozen Heavens. Zakurakadoguchi.
Weapon Style: Twin Bladed Fans.
Weapon Level: 6
Attack: With the fans open she swings them at the enemy where a great ice dragon forms from each fan blade equaling two and attack the enemy freezing everything in it's wake. This attack also causes the sky to darken and the air to take on a freezing quality.

Deliver the frosted heavens, Zakurakadoguchi
Weapon Style: Twin bladed Fans.
Weapon level: 7
Attack: The sky darkens and snow begins to fall no matter the time of year, pillars of ice from around the enemy at a distance swirling around them wither they be on the ground or in the air. When she the fan in her right hand and turns it, the pillars of ice come together folding in at top and bottom solidfying and freezing her enemy solid.

Ten Kara Oriru Kurogane Zakurakadoguchi, Chire.
Weapon Style: Blue bladed Katana.
Weapon Level: 7
Attack: Same as Shi-kai but more powerful

Souten Ni Zase, Kurogane Zakurakadoguchi
Weapon Style: Blue bladed Katana
Weapon level: 8
Attack: Same as Shi-kai but more powerful

Deliver the Frosted Heavens, Kurogane Zakurakadoguchi
Weapon Style: Blue Bladed Katana
Weapon level: 9
Attack: Same as Shi-kai but more powerful.

Whisper the heavens frozen cry, Kurogane Zakurakadoguchi.
Weapon Style: Blue Bladed Katana
Weapon Level: 10
Attack: The frozen blade seems to shatter as the sky darkens and the air and ground freeze around her, the sword's frozen dust swarms the enemy wrapping around them but does not cut them, it seems to collect on the enemies skin where thousands of closed flowers appear, the frozen air and dust hold the enemy in place as the flowers open each one opening steals the enemies Reiatsu until they all open and none are left the more the enemy struggles the faster the flowers open.
~~Finish filling in her skills later, too tired to think right now. Any questions just ask. Admin. Sakura.

Weapons and Items:

Name: Soul Pager
Rank: 8
Appearance: Looks like a flip open cell phone
Special Abilities: Notifies her of hollow and or arrancar while she's on earth as well as serving to allow her to communicate and receive messages from Soul Society.

Name: Substitue Shinigami Pass
Rank: 5
Appearance: A small hectogonial shape that has a skull and crossbones on it. A short rope cord off of the top for her to hold onto to, or hang it up off of something.
Special Abilities: Like the Soul Pager her father gave her it will let her know when there is a hollow or Arrancar on earth, however unlike the soul pager it will not pinpoint where it is for her. It also has the power to leave behind her 'gi-gai' seperating her soul from it, however she does not use it for that effect since it makes her stick to her stomach every time she does.
*The pass allows her to function on earth if she's questioned by another Shinigami she can pull it out and verify her status.

History/RP Sample:

Human Arc~Her parents are Seishiro Hitsugaya and Taki Yamuri, Seishiro, Toushiro Hitsugaya's elder brother had fallen in love with a Taki one of the few surviving Quincy's even if she didn't pratice the art. Taki didn't surive labor although she did bring Sakura into the world. Seishiro at the time had not had a 'gi-gai' and although it should not have been possible Sakura was born from the union of spirit and human. Not fully alive but not dead either she was born half hallow but as she had to mature so too did the hollow inside of her. Often she'd have nightmares growing up and although she never lost to the nightmares, they would scare her. Seishiro, unable to stop her from having them, often told her that they held no power over her. That she had the power and strength to fight them. With her fathers words of encouragement every night before bed she mananged to fight off the nightmares into batted dreams for many years. Growing up with just her father, who she believed to be a florist in Karakura Town, he'd often leave flowers at odd places in remembance of the spirits that once lived. This had been done all of her life. She had always been able to see spirits. More then that and it had her father teaching her since an early age she would seperate from her body. He was concerned since she seemed to pull apart from her body and began teaching her how to control the transformation but what startled him with her was one, the chain of fate was not connected, and two the mask that had formed one of the times she had seperated, at this time ten years old he realized he'd have a problem if he didn't manage to get it under control. But there was only so much that Seishiro could teach her, the rest Sakura had to learn on her own. And learn she did, by the time she was elevenshe had mastered Bankai, had to in order to gain enough power to supress the hollow she was was born with. Her father pushing her to learn it. ...pushing her to the point that he had nearly killed her in the process, Bankai is not easy to master for anyone and takes years of training her forced her thru hard endless training to learn it within the time span of three days....thru a tried and true training method.
Although Sakura would never outright say it to her father she believed him to be nuts at that point. He had forced her to train and fight against Zakurakadoguchi at the age of ten. Trying to find her resolve to fight, her inner strength, it had taken her three days to get it, three days to find her resolve to fight. The dark blue black steal blade, and her Bankai. For the next four years she struggled with the inner hollow still having the power to stand on her own but not yet realizing how to face off against the hollow inside of her. It took turning to Zakurakadoguchi as the nightmares that plagued her would not abate. But in turning to Zakurakadoguchi she instead faced her inner hollow, fighting against it as it was trying to destory her relentlessly in order to gain control of her body and her powers. But she didn\'t give up. Fighting back she found completely by accident the way to surpress her inner hollow and take control of the powers of the hollow inside of her but not without a very criptic warning. If she died, the hollow would win anyways, so if she was smart she'd stay alive.

Hollow Arc/Soul Reaper Arc~ Over the years the hollows slowly started increasing in numbers. The activities and attacks on the souls and humans around her increasing. Sakura fifteen and now in high school at Karakura high, found juggling her highschool life, keeping her grades up, keeping in touch with her friends and of course fighting off any hollow that showed up to be challangeing in it's own right. It was during this time that she became aware of other Shinigami in the area as she could sense them feel there spirit pressure as well as the hollows and even thought something was seriously wrong when she found herself running around town one clear afteroon day fighting off hollows that kept showing up, as if some had left a soul buffet for them to fest on. Not long after that things quieted down for a while, a few hollows showing up like before and basically spending her time sending on souls to the soul society. During this breif lull she asked her father about the others she had sensed and learned that there were other Shinigami out there, was given her \'Subsititute\' pass and told to keep the Soul Pager as it would serve her better. Although she is a sub Soul Reaper she has never once set foot in Soul Soceity, and was shocked to learn not only about this other world that her father came from and she had descended from but that she had a living breathing Uncle on the other side. It was then that she learned all about the Soul Society, the different squads and that there were others who fought off the hollows as well. And that her Uncle was the tenth Squad Captian and like her he was still just a kid.

Bount Arc~She had not been prepared for it, the first time she encountered a doll. Sakura and her friends had been walking home form school when a man appeared before her, saying something about wanting to know what her soul tasted like. When he attacked it wasn't him attacking directly he had dropped some sort of round ball towards the ground, which sunk in and when it resurfaced there was some sort of tenticled robot like creature. The tenticles had caught up her friends before she could stop him and they hit the ground. She waisted not time transforming and he laughed saying something about wondering if her soul would taste like a fine wine, and wasn't her robes the wrong color for a shinigami. She fought against him, exchancing blows and getting knocked painfully into quiet the few walls by the tenticles her Shi-kai ineffective against the bount and it's doll. Her fan blades could not be used against it as it swung it's tentiicles around it would catch them just right and knock them away. Having no choice she used her Ban-kai and fought it, the blade that froze the air around it having effect against the tenticles. The fight was a painful one, many blows being exchanged and finaly when it was over she sent the bount running, while she herself had to carry her friends back to her fathers. Not sure what else to do, he thankfully could help them some but once there she collapsed. Waking up later that day she learned that they were safe and sound. Her engagement with that bount was the only time she had faced any of them, as the battle seemed to move to a different place then the one she was in.

Viazard Arc~ Her first encoutner with an Arrancar was not a pleasant one. Sakura had thought it was a hollow, even though it was incomplete it was still powerful enough to force her to have to take on her Ban-kai to remove the Arrancar and stop any damage that it would do. But she took a heavy beating in that fight, Sore battered and bruised she had returned home. A few days later an Espada showed up, this one a complete, still according to it, low level but this one too forced her to go Ban-kai to deal with it. Until then dealing with most hollows required nothing further from her then using her Shi-kai state to handle. And that wasn't enough. For the first time in her life, she was forced to take the mask outside of training to control it. The battle between herself and the Espada 16 was painful to say the least. While the mask boosted all of her skills the Espada released it's resurrection state and together they fought. It was the first time she learned that there where others out there who like her also had a mask that they wore.

After the Espada had been defeated she left not sticking around as she just wanted to get home, not liking using the power of the mask no matter how much it boosted her speed, agility and attack power it still left her feeling funny inside. To top it off by the time the fight was over she had terrible cuts and bruises covering her body, blood running down from a nice sized cut on the side of her head and she had barely won that fight the Espada had shattered her mask down to covering her left eye. It was on her way home from school the next day when she was stopped by someone. Whole told her that she was one of them. A Viazard, that she didn't belong with them meaning the Shinigami. Sakura had shook her head saying that she was a Shinigami, and that was where she belonged. Not wanting to accpet that she was something else entirely since she had not choosen that path, it was the one she was placed on at birth. As she continued her way home she became aware of the fact that a few others where following her....who they were and if they were sent by anyone she had no idea all she did know was that she was holding frim to the idea that she was Shinigami. A Substitute Shinigami and that she wasn't this...viazard thing....whatever the heck that was.

RP Sample:
The sun was shining, the sky was a beauitful azue blue cloudless and wonderful to behold. Sakura Hitsugaya enjoying a Saturday free of school, of anything but enjoying her morning. After all the shop was quiet no flower orders today. None, no spirits wandering around the needing to be sent on, no hollows or arrancars or even those frustrating Viazards showing up to bother her as she sat on the roof of her fathers shop. Sakura smiled and shook her head. She had always found it interesting, that he ran a flower shop and he had named her after a flower. As far as she could figure out he had a real love of plants.
"Sakura." Seishiro said as he climbed onto the roof. "Here you are."
"Did you need something dad?" She asked looking back over her shoulder at him. He shook his head.
"Just wondering where you where at, and if you where still having those nightmares?" He asked.
"No dad." Sakura said softly having fought off the eriee white reflection of herself a long time ago and she refused to allow that thing to ever show back up again. It had haunted her for long enough.
"Here I think you should have this at all times sweety." He said holding out what looked like a cellphone.
"Oh, right your soul pager...that's what you called it right?" Sakura asked and he smiled.
"Your soulpager." He said looking at her. "Your the Subsitute Shinigami remember?" Seishiro asked and she sighed.
"Oh I remember." She said softly looking at him and putting the pager in a pocket.
Smiling he walked down the steps and back inside of the shop.

Sakura sighed as she sat there looking up at the skyline.
"Sakura!" A girls voice shouted from below. "Hey Sakura!"
Sakura looked down at her and rose an eyebrow. "Hey Miyuki!"
"Come on lets go to the mall or something." Her friend called up and Sakura couldn't help but smile. "Sure let me get down there."
Without thinking twice about it Sakura moved running back down into the shop and thru it towards the entrance calling out to her dad that she was going to the mall with Miyu. He waived her off.

Sakura ran her next to Miyuki as they headed towards the mall. Miyuki had been her best friend since gradeschool and they always seemed to get along well together. She laughed as they headed towards the mall hearing what Miyuki was telling her about her younger brohters antics. She wondered at times what it would be like to have a little brother or sister, but then thought about the nightmare, or rather what it was that lurked in the depths of her heart and soul and didn't wish that on anyone. So perhaps it was better this way. For everyone including herself.

Even as she thought that she could hear her soul pager going off. She had the badge as well and that too was chiming hollow in her pocket. Miyuki laughed.
"What your dad need you to get something?" She asked not knowing what it was that her 'cell phone' acutally did.

Sakura smiled. "Something like that probably. Go on ahead I'll catch up." Sakura said waving and ducking beneath a tree while pulling out her phone. She flipped it open and looked at the map displayed and the mark flashing there. "Great...." She murmered. A hollow and it wasn't too far from there. Putting her phone back in her pocket she took off at a run sticking to the shadows and not thinking that someone might be watching her, not from the ground but from the sky. She moved and whispered.
"Okiro Zakuragadoguchi" She breathed as the cherry blossoms seemed to explode backwards away from her, as she was now in her Shihakushou(Soul reaper garb), and jumping up into the air to look around.
"There you are." She breathed and started running towards it, the hollow wasn't small not that they ever wehre. And it was chasing something along the river. She shook her head running and jumping towards it needing to catch up to it and put a stop to it. Deciding it would be quicker on the ground returned there then used Shunpo to get ahead of it even as the Plus ran past her. She dropped her fans down into her hands and looked up at the hollow throwing one blade towards it before dancing and slicing it apart. Catching her fans she looked over. Dealing with low level hollows seemed to be getting easier and easier for her. But she didn't want to get over confindent or cooky. Walking up to the shivering spirit she knelt down and smiled.
"Hey, it's alright now. How about I send you on to a better place okay?" Sakura asked although she had never been to Soul Society, it was the place her father was from and he was a wonderful person so it had to he a wonderful place as well right? When the small girl nodded her head yes Sakura smiled and brought her fan around the handle of the fan just touching the girls forehead performing the soul burial.
She smiled as she stood. 'Now to catch up to Miyuki...' she thought as she turned to head back. Balancing her two lives was not easy.....and now she had to think about the meaning being a viazard and what it had to do with her? She didn't have symptoms it wasn't an illness....she had been born with it. Didn't that make her different? Even as she pondered these things she couldn't help but feel confused.

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is this app complete??
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Zane Mizuama
Zane Mizuama

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Sakura Hitsugaya Substitue Shinseina Shinigami
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