Bleach continues~ Shinseina

The shinigami are still caught in a battle against the Espada and Sosuke Aizen. But the battle to stop the formation of the kings key has called down the Shinseina as well. The sacred Shinigami.
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 Zanpakuto Template

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Sakura Hitsugaya
Sakura Hitsugaya

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PostSubject: Zanpakuto Template   Fri Dec 25, 2009 12:33 am

Zanpakuto Name:
Sealed Rank:
Sealed Apperance:

Shi-kai 1st Release Command:
Shi-kai Rank:
Shi-kai blade appearance:
Shi-kai Attack Appearance:

Shi-kai 2nd Release Command:
Shi-kai Rank:
Shi-kai Attack Appearance: (*note blade does not change*)

Zanpakuto's True Name:
Ban-kai 1st Release Command:
Ban-kai Rank:
Ban-kai Blade Apperance:
Ban-kai Attack Apperance:
Ban-kai physical change (if it applies):

Ban-kai 2nd Release Command (Full Release):
Ban-kai Rank:
Ban-kai Attack Apperance:

Zanpakuto Soul Apperance:
Zanpakuto's Spiritual Realm: (This is your inner souls reflection.)
Zanpakuto's Persona:
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Zanpakuto Template
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