Bleach continues~ Shinseina

The shinigami are still caught in a battle against the Espada and Sosuke Aizen. But the battle to stop the formation of the kings key has called down the Shinseina as well. The sacred Shinigami.
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 Character Sheet (Shinigami and Shinseina)

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Sakura Hitsugaya
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PostSubject: Character Sheet (Shinigami and Shinseina)   Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:51 pm

Basic Character Information:
Name: [Surname, Forename ergo(last name first)]
-Nickname: Titles ect ect ect
Age: [Apparent Age, Real Age] remeber, Shinigami live longer than normal humans, but still be reasonable
Rank: find what ranks are open in the Rank board.

Eye Color:
Shihakushou(Shinigami/Shinseina Uniform): Be detailed, give a pic too if you can.

Personality: Be Detailed, atleast one paragraph

Skill Information:
Primary Skill: See skill thread
Secondary Specialty: See skill thread
Sub-skill Specialty: See Skill Thread
Elemental Affinity: See skill thread
Special Characteristics: See skill thread.

Name: Sealed name
All information on Zanpakuto is on the weapons template at this time, if approved it will be added on here. Do NOT add it on now.

Name: Name of attacks
Rank: 1-10
Type: Kenjutsu, items user, etc.
Element:Darkness, fire, etc.
Description: Details!

Weapons and Items:These are Items such as Hell Butterfly or Kido Items.

Rank: A
Special Abilities:

History:(Be detailed please)Human Arc:
Soul Society/Hollow Arc:
Bount Arc:
Viazard Arc:

RP Sample:(More then a few sentences, this is a sample of the way you'll be playing the game. This game is writen story like, for one it makes it easier for others to respond. Anything showing '"Hi, nice to meet you." he said' as the full content will not be approved, simply because it makes it hard for people to respond.
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Character Sheet (Shinigami and Shinseina)
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