Bleach continues~ Shinseina

The shinigami are still caught in a battle against the Espada and Sosuke Aizen. But the battle to stop the formation of the kings key has called down the Shinseina as well. The sacred Shinigami.
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 And the battle continues......

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PostSubject: And the battle continues......   Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:20 am

He stood there early in the morning listening to the sound of bird song. The soft muscial notes filling the crisp air was refreshing to listen to. His scarf caught the wind blowing about him as well as his long long hair. He supposed he should do as the Prince asked and get it cut in but....he had always worn it this long it didn't get in his way. His hand rested against the golden rail of the on the balcony over looking the Seireitei. In truth, Division Zero's headquarters was in the Seireitei as well but you could not see it unless you where choosen to go there. He had been choosen some time ago. Not just for any postion either. He had been choosen to take up the role of First Captain.

He knew he had paper work to do, as well as various other things to file and take care of but in truth it was the latest reports that had crossed his desk that had him concerned. They weren't in the Seireitei or rather it was in the Seireitei just yet. An Captian Aizen had betrayed his fellow Shinigami and set up an unseated officer to be killed. Had whiped out all of Central 46, and of course would have succeeded had it not been for a brash young man by the name of Ichigo Kurosaki. A young man who after become known as a Substitute Soul Reaper. But his reprots where thurough, he knew about the mask that was following Ichigo around. Knew that the boy had a hollow inside of him. But he also knew the bitter truth behind that. All Shinigami where both Plus and Hollow, as were all spirits. To believe that just because you where a Shinigami that it was impossible to become a hollow was a foolish thing, just like it was foolish to believe that just because they were hollow , that meant that they could not become a akin to a Shinigami.

His knuckles tensed on the bar before him as he looked at the black robed shinigami running about unaware that he was even there watching them, it was part of the reason he chose this area as the location for his office. He didnt' want to ever forget where he came from that he was once like them. A regular shinigami, and not a shinseina. But he was and right now he had to deal with several issues.

The first and foremost was Karakura town here in the Soul Society in a sort of suspended animation, but that wasn't the part that bothered him the most. It was the fact that a third of the town dissappeared as if returning to the place from which it came. He moved then leaving his office and heading out. It was apparent to him that they were in over there heads. He left the soul society and arrived on earth. Watching as they continued to battle and hovered above the broken pillar using a bit of power to rebuild it, or rather the device that he had on him.

He watched them go about there buisness's fighting against Aizen, watched as they seemed to be struggling for Aizen's sword his ability to cast illusion's or complete control as he called it. Watched as the Viazards fought against Aizen who was the one who did this to them and wathced as Ichigo Kurosaki arrived having returned from Hueco Mundo and began battling against Aizen.

The battle was ferice and dangerous and in the end Ichigo sent Aizen running and sealing off Hueco Mundo with Gin swearing that he would return. He supposed he could have done something to help...and he would. But this wasn't it.

Looking down he took a deep breath and walked up to Yamamoto, who turned and bowed to him startling all others in the area. For one he looked younger then Yamamtoto.

"First Captian Touhokuhuu." He said in total respect. "Unfortunately Aizen has gotten away."

"I'm aware of that."He said in a light tone. "We will be gathering skilled warriors in the Shinseina as well as the Seireitei, and any on earth who wish to fight and have the power to do so." he said as he looked at him. "I have recieved the reports and we are aware that he wishes to do what no man may aspire to do. Not even those of us who bear the title 'Shinseina'." He looked at him then took a deep breath. "He must not be allowed to create the Kings Key. To do so will upset the balance of everything."

"Who is this? Jii-san?" Ichigo spoke up lookign at them.

All gathered stared Ichigo as if he had lost his mind. However he found it refreshing to be a regular living being.

"Forgive me. I am Zero Divsion First Captain Yuki Touhokuhuu." Yuki said introducing himself to the young man.

"Substitute Shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki." was the gruff response. "And what do you mean..."

"Ichigo, we will be gathering a Unit of skilled warriors who will train so that this does not happen again." Yuki said as he looked at him. l

And not for the first time wondered where his Vice-Captian was hiding. Things where happening fast and of course he had gotten involved in the middle of it.

"I'm going to fight as well. My group and I will handle things on our end." Ichigo said looking at him. "But we'll appricate any help Yuki."

At the sound of Uproar he smiled. "Then we're agreed Ichigo." Yuki said and held out his hand. He knew his title and didn't need to be constantly reminded of it. The fact that Ichigo could hear his title and still treat him as a person impressed him to say the least. He shook Ichigo's hand and turned. "I'll be returing now. I must go thru the logs and find those who are capable of handling this on our end."

And with that he returned to Soul Soceity and his office to continue to go thru the paperwork....looking for those who could help prevent the creation of the kings key...and the end of the world....both of them.
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And the battle continues......
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